Our Affiliate Referral Program

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. Who else uses affiliate marketing in their business? Amazon.com, Square.com, Bestbuy.com, Overstock.com and hundreds of other companies!

Our Affiliate Referral Program?

To join our program, first you’ll need to be an ARK member. Second you must be referred. This is done by asking the person who referred you to the ARK membership for their Joint Venture Broker (JV Broker) link and then clicking on it. It’ll take you to their Affiliate Sign-Up Page. If you no longer can reach the person who referred you here, then click here

A Two Tier Program?

With our program there are two tiers - JV Brokers and Affiliates.

An Affiliate is a ARK member who signs up to earn commission for inspiring other’s to join our ARK Membership!

Joint Venture Broker is an affiliate recruiter or an affiliate of affiliates. As a result, the JV Broker link points to the product's affiliate sign up page, not to the product's sales page.

The JV Broker gets paid a commission whenever any of his/her referred affiliates score a sale, and that commission is paid on top of the affiliate's commission. That means that the JV Broker's cut comes from the company’s profit, not from the affiliate's profit. The JV Broker can also get paid on recurring subscriptions.

The Commission?

For affiliates with a ARK membership we pay out 100% on the initial fee of $1 (100% to affiliate + 0% JV Broker) and then after the initial fee the ARK membership is $50 a month and we pay out 25% (5% to affiliate + 20% JV Broker). If the affiliate chooses to use their 25% discount with free shipping instead of claiming their free gift, then we pay the affiliate 20%. Once the affiliate chooses their gift option when they sign-up it cannot be changed.

The Commission Breakdown?

As an Affiliate (who chose the 25% discount option) for every ARK membership you sell you earn $1 (for initial sale) then $10 a month!

Sell 10 and earn $10 and then $100 per month (after 30-days)!

As an Affiliate (who claimed their free gift) for every ARK membership you sell you earn $1 (for initial sale) then $2.50 a month!

Sell 10 and earn $10 and then $25 per month (after 30-days)!

As a JV Broker for every ARK membership your affiliate sells you earn $0 (for initial sale) and $10 a month!

EX: As an affiliate who chose 25% discount option, if you sell 10 ARK memberships you’ll earn $10 and $100 a month (after 30-days). As a JV Broker, when those 10 become affiliates and each sell 10 ARK memberships you’ll earn $1,000 a month (after their 30-days).

To understand how the two-tiered affiliate system works, please see the following example: 

Say we have Karen, Monica, and John... 

Karen signs up as an affiliate and chooses 25% discount option. She sells the ARK Membership to Monica and receives $10 per month.

Monica signs up to be an affiliate using Karen's JV link (and chooses 25% discount option). Karen is the first line (JV broker) and Monica becomes the 2nd line (Affiliate).

When Monica sells the ARK Membership to John, Monica gets the affiliate commission of $10 a month and Karen receives the JV Broker commission of $10 per month.

After Signing-Up

When an affiliate signs up, they will see the "My Links" option. Here, they get the Affiliate Link (to sell the ARK membership) and the JV Broker Link (to sign up a new affiliate).

If for any reason an affiliate or JV Broker is terminated or cancels their ARK membership, they forfeit their monthly commissions.

Minimum payout required is $250!