United Lifesavers 4-Point Mission


spread the message “we need the plus™”

Since the greatest Power is Love and with Unity we Succeed™ far greater, we're spreading the message that, 'We Need the PLUS™', we need to come together to succeed in our finances, health, and relationships. Nothing is impossible when united with a purpose and speaking the same language.

By boarding the ARK you’re adding the PLUS to your life!


help save america from drowning in debt

We’re on a mission to Help Save America from drowning in debt by bringing people with any kind of debt aboard the ARK to help Accelerate their cash flow to be it off faster. Once out of debt, members use their ARK money to help pay off the debt of someone else. As we keep paying-off-debt-forward, we can help hundreds get out of debt, who in turn can help hundreds more do the same, until we have 50,000-Owe-No-Man-Nothing!


teach the 6 principles of the wealthy

Our mission is to give people an opportunity to apply the 6 principles of the Wealthy on the ARK: Start your own business, Create multiple streams of income, Incorporate the efforts of others, Incorporate residual income, Help contribute to other's success, and Keep learning!

People can apply all 6 principles just by boarding the ARK!


strengthen families-marriages-communities

We believe if it’s “Out of sight, it’s out of mind!” To help strengthen families, marriages, and our community we sell merchandise on the UnitedLifesavers.store that helps remind people of what’s important in life. We do Acts of Random Kindness in the community to spread love, promote unity, and inspire other’s to join our mission!

It is possible to give away and become richer (Proverbs 11:24 TLB)